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( )1. It’s necessary ______ us ______ read English every day.
A. of, to B. for, to C. for, for D. to, to
( )2. She likes _____ her joy ______ her friends.
A. share, with B. sharing, with C. share, for D. sharing, for
( )3. Do you think British students spend___ time ___ their homework than Chinese students?
A. less, doing B. less, to do C. fewer, doing D. fewer, to do
( )4. It was getting dark. There were ______ people in the street.
A. less and less B. fewer and fewer C. less and fewer D. fewer and less
( )5. He finds _______ to make a paper ship.
A. it easy B. that easy C. it easily D. that easily
( )6. We have got everything ready. So we need _______.
A. something else B. else something C.nothing else D. else nothing
( )7. The teacher told us to leave school early ______ the snow got worse.
A. but B. so C. because D. and
( )8. If Jim ______ free tomorrow, I’ll ask Tom instead.
A. isn’t B. won’t be C. won’t D. doesn’t
( )9. ----Did?you?buy?the?camera?yesterday?
??????? ?----No.?I?didn’t?buy ?it?____?my?aunt?would?give?me?one.
A.?until B.?because C.?if D.?before
( )10. The teacher is coming. Stop ______ and keep ______.
A. to talk, quiet B. talking, quiet C. to talk, quietly D. talking, quietly
( )11. Our government provided food and money____ the people in the disaster areas.
A. for B. with C. to D. on
( )12. There will be a strong ______ tomorrow and it will be quite ______.
A. wind, wind B wind, windy C. windy, wind D. windy, windy
( )13. The news report is about ______ a month ago.
A. what he happened B. what he happened to
C. what happened him D. what happened to him
( )14. The capital of the USA is_______.
A. London B. New York C. Bangkok D. Washington DC
( )15. --- My brother fell off his bike and hurt his legs. --- ______.
A. That’s too bad B. He is too careless
C. He should be careful D. I am sorry to hear that
( )16. The land is _______ after a heavy rain.
A. much weter B. much wetter C. more weter D. more wetter
( )17. The sunlight came in ______ the window.
A. through B. across C. in D. with
( )18. What did you do in the garden? I watched John ______ his bike.
A. to mend B. mended C. mend D. mends
( )19. The big box is ______ heavy and I can’t carry it.
A. much too B. too much C. so much D. very too
( )20. Daniel thinks climbing is ______ diving.
A. so excited as B. as excited as C. so exciting as D. as exciting as
It was December 25, 1972. Marie, a 13-year-old Australian girl, was very happy. It was 1 and Marie’s mother made an unusual cake. She put four small coins(硬币)into 2 . The four small coins were for good 3 .
After dinner Marie and her 4 ate the cake. When they 5 the cake, there were three coins on the table. One coin was 6 . Marie’s mother didn’t notice that.
After Christmas Marie got 7 . She coughed and couldn’t speak. Six weeks later she felt 8 , but she 9 couldn’t speak.
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