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1.After leaving the frightening class, my heart was still _____ fast.
A. hitting B. jumping C. beating D. striking
2. --_____ you discuss the problem with him so late in the evening?
-- Oh, sorry. I forgot what time it was.
A. Must B. Should C. can D. Dare
3. Jim’s company really has too many problems, but I hope everything will ______ all right.
A. turn up B. turn out C. turn on D. turn down
4. The teacher often tells us that while doing these experiments, one must be _______ careful with the instruments.
A. no more than B. at least C. more than D no less than
5.In India, loggers always or ______ all of the trees in an area and thus many animals are killed.
A. break down B. tear down C. pull down D. burn down
6. –I want to be alone right now! Get the picture?
A. Fine! I’ll leave, then. B. yes, I like it very much.
C. That’ll do. D. Yes, I’ll take it.
7. All of them ______ Mr. Willington as the candidate for chairman of the committee.
A. put off B. put on C. put out D. put forward
8. The _________ change of weather may have some ________ his health.
A. suddenly, affect B. sudden, effect on C. sudden, effect at D. suddenly, effect on
9. Dick likes __________ in the winter when everywhere is covered by white snow.
A. this B. that C. it D. one
10. –Sorry, I’m late.
–That’s OK. You’re here and that’s what _______.
A. works B. counts C. stays D. does
11. While they have promised to help us, the question still _____ as to when they will come.
A. lies B. depends C. remains D. matters
12. Some people go abroad _________ getting a lot of money.
A. as a result of B. in search of C. because of D. in the hope of
13.By working hard, she developed into a great writer, but doing so ______ her parents’ wishes.
A. fought against B. went against C. called for D. depended on
14. –What book are you reading? Wow, Harry Porter! May I have a look at it?
–Yes, of course. You ________ have it as soon as I get through with it.
A. must B. should C. will D. shall
15. –May I help you, Madam?
–I’d like to have _______ those eggs.
A. two dozen of B. several dozens C. five dozens of D. three dozen
16. _______ is known to all, Taiwan is part of China and it shall not be separated from the mainland.
A. That B. As C. It D. What
17. My parents think it _______ for a girl to be interested in boxing.
A. generous B. bent C. typical D. abnormal
18. ______ playing computer games, Li Hua can’t help spending too much time surfing the Internet.
A. Addicting to B. Addicted to C. Having addicted to D. To addict to
19. –Shall we go and have a picnic on Saturday or on Sunday?
–_______. Either of the days is fine with me.
A. it depends B. No problem C. It’s up to you D. It doesn’t matter
20. He went downstairs ________ he heard someone knocking at the door.
A. when B. under which C. where D. so
21.He turned a deaf ear to me. _____________________________________ (我所说的话) had no effect on him.(what)
22. Now people always miss the days __________________________
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